DSOGaming – The Detail – First Impressions + First 10 Minutes Playthrough

Rival Games was kind enough to provide us with a review code for The Detail, and you can read below our first impressions. The Detail is a game that will surely catch your attention. Inspired by TV crime drama series and featuring an incredible art style, The Detail shows that there is still life to adventure titles.

The Detail is a classic 2D point-and-click adventure with a noir theme inspired by TV crime drama series like The Wire. The game packs noir-style interactive cut-scenes, as well as classic point-and-click sections. Moreover, the game packs multiple branching storylines driven by player decisions, meaning that the choices you make do matter.

The game’s story centers around a hard-nosed detective named Reggie Moore who has grown disillusioned with the bureaucratic system of justice, and a former police informant named Joseph Miller who is being dragged back into the life in order to clear the debt that looms over his past.

Rival Games released yesterday the first episode of The Detail on Steam, and it’s priced at 5,99€ (comes with a limited 10% discount offer).

Our only complain regarding The Detail was the somehow disappointing audio aspect. The game lacks major sound effects (like the rain drops) and feels kind of hollow. Rival Games obviously went for a minimalistic audio experience, however that certainly backfired on them.

For what is worth, we really enjoyed the time we spent with Rival Games’ latest adventure offer. The Detail is a polished product, is influenced by Telltale Games’ adventure titles, and is a perfect game for all those seeking a crime drama game.


DSOGaming - The Detail - First Ten Minutes