DSOGaming – Second Chance Heroes – First 15 Minutes Walkthrough

Second Chance Heroes
Rocket City Studios was kind enough to provide us with a preview key for its upcoming indie title, Second Chance Heroes. Second Chance Heroes is a cooperative arcade action adventure where you collect preposterous historical figures to fight waves of strange monsters. And while its gameplay mechanics are relatively simple, it is a really enjoyable title.
As with most of our walkthroughs, you can get a taste of what Second Chance Heroes’ first 15 minutes are all about.
Your goal in Second Chance Heroes is to collect and train a small army of historical clones. Each one you add gives you new options as you approach a new level or battle.
Players will be able to put together a dream team of cloned heroes drawn from throughout human history and use them to kill the zombies. The preview build came with four characters: Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Napoleon and Queen Elizabeth I.
We don’t know how all the other characters will play, but these four characters had different techniques with which you could take down the enemies. For example, Abraham Lincoln relies on strafing while Joan is more of a button masher character.
Rocket City Studios has managed to create an addictive and enjoyable indie game, or at least that’s what we feel after playing its preview build. What’s really great here is that Second Chance Heroes is really polished; from the animations to the whole level design and loot position, everything feels great. Add to this the colorful visuals and you got yourself a game with a huge potential.
It will be interesting to see whether Rocket City Studios will be able to maintain our excitement through the entire game. Will the team offer enough content to keep us entertained or will Second Chance Heroes get repetitive after its first 10 levels?
Rocket City Studios is currently trying to get this game on Steam, and those interested can vote for it.
Oh, and this will be our last walkthrough with trance/chillout tracks in the background. It seems that YouTube filters videos with such tracks in some countries, therefore we’ll stop using any other background music.
DSOGaming - Second Chance Heroes - First 15 Minutes Playthrough