Dead Rising – First Impressions + 25 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Dead Rising was originally released on Xbox 360 in 2006. It’s been almost ten years and the game has finally found its way on the PC. And even though Capcom has slightly improved its visuals – compared to the original version – it will not impress you at all… at least visually.

The good news is that Dead Rising runs extremely well on the PC. We were able to run the game in 4K with more than 100fps, so at least this port does not suffer from performance issues.

Capcom has provided very few graphics options to tweak. PC gamers can choose their resolution (the game supports 4K resolutions), their refresh rate, the quality of anti-aliasing, the quality of shadows, the quality of texture filtering (though we suggest forcing 16xAF via your control panel if you own an NVIDIA GPU) and enable/disable Motion Blur. And that’s it.


So, tech wise, Dead Rising is nothing really special. Once you start playing it, it becomes crystal clear that the game was released in the first days of the previous console generation.

Not only that, but it appears that the game suffers from mouse acceleration/smoothing issues (they are noticeable when aiming). These issues are not as bad as the ones we’ve seen in other titles, however we are pretty sure that some PC gamers will be disappointed with the game’s mouse controls.

Still, and while the port is not among the best we’ve seen (even though it runs well), we do have to say that we really enjoyed Dead Rising.

If you can overlook the game’s dated visuals and control issues, you will find underneath a really fun game. There is something special about Dead Rising. It’s fun. It’s a bloody mindless fun game. Okay okay, it has a story to tell, but it’s main attraction/feature is you slaughtering zombies. As such you will spend most of your time searching and finding weapons in order to kill as many zombies as possible. So if you’ve never played Dead Rising, we strongly suggest picking it up.

Below you can find a video showcasing 25 minutes of gameplay from the PC version.

Dead Rising - 25 Minutes of Gameplay Footage from the PC version - Max Settings