Demoscene’s Evoke 2011 Winners Announced

Okay we admit it, we are nerds and we love the demo scene. It’s a scene with a hell of great ideas and showcased in the past some amazing graphical techniques and tricks. And who can forget the PC demo that featured most of Carmack’s tricks in only 64 kilobytes. Now that’s impressive. Few days ago, Evoke 2011 was held and we have today its winners. So get ready to dive in this underground scene and who knows… you might like it.
Evoke 2011 featured five categories; animation, PC 4K, PC 64K, PC Demo and Wild Demo. Gaspode won the animation contest with his ‘Cuts’ while BluFlame won the PC 4K with his ‘RED’ demo and let us tell, that’s one hell of a demo. As with the others, you can watch it in the following links but keep in mind that everything you’ll see is with only 4 kilobytes.
Next, we have Titan with his ‘Core2500’ demo that won the PC 64K contest and Still who won the PC Demo with his ‘Beta’ project. Beta is basically a tribute to Vasarely’s paintings and although it’s a great idea, we were more impressed with TGGC’s ‘When’ that earned the second place – and it’s the only second placed demo we chose to showcase.
Last but not least, we have Earworm by JCO and neuro that won the first place in Wild Demo and you seriously need to watch it guys as this is a pretty damn impressive audio game.
Those interested can find the winners and download their demos from here. Enjoy the videos guys!
Evoke 2011 - Animation Compo - CUTS - (Live Footage)

RED by BluFlame | 4k

core25k by Titan | 64k (720p HQ HD demoscene demo Evoke 2011)

Beta by Still (FullHD 1080p HQ HD demoscene demo Evoke 2011)

When by TGGC (FullHD 1080p HQ HD demoscene demo Evoke 2011)

Evoke 2011 - Alt. Platform Compo - Earworm - (Live Footage)