Forspoken September 2022 screenshots-2

NVIDIA RTX4090 cannot run Forspoken with 60fps at Native 4K/Max Settings/No Ray Tracing

So here is something really interesting. This weekend, I’ve decided to give Forspoken a go. However, I came to realize that its built-in benchmark does not represent the actual in-game performance. And, as the title suggests, NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU is simply unable to offer smooth framerates at native 4K/Max Settings, even without Ray Tracing.

For capturing the following video and screenshots, we used an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D, 32GB of DDR5 at 6000Mhz, and NVIDIA’s RTX 4090. We also used Windows 10 64-bit, the GeForce 531.26. It’s also worth noting that we installed the game on a Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB M.2 NVMe PCI Express 4.0. Here are also the graphics settings we used.

Forspoken - Native 4K graphics settings-1Forspoken - Native 4K graphics settings-2

As we’ve reported in our PC Performance Analysis, the benchmark can drop at 69fps at 4K/Max Settings/No RT. In reality, though, the framerate can drop to the 50s. This happens once you start exploring the game’s open-world area, Junoon. With Ray Tracing, performance can even drop to the 40s. Ouch.

Forspoken - Native 4K/Max Settings/RT

The only way we could keep framerates higher than 60fps was with DLSS 2 or FSR 2.0. By using DLSS 2 Quality, we were able to get a minimum of 74fps during the first enemy fights.

Now what’s really important to note is that we’re not talking about significant performance drops below 60fps. And that’s at the starting area. I’m pretty sure that later stages can be even more demanding than this, especially during hectic fights. It’s also important to note that the built-in benchmark is not representative of the game’s actual performance.

Funny thing is that these performance figures are after applying the latest PC performance patch. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the RTX4090 here. The RTX4090 is a beast. Nevertheless, and since I’ve re-tested the game, it was worth mentioning it!

Forspoken - Native 4K/Max Settings/No RT-1Forspoken - Native 4K/Max Settings/No RT-2Forspoken - Native 4K/Max Settings/No RT-3 Forspoken - Native 4K/Max Settings/No RT-4Forspoken - Native 4K/Max Settings/No RT-5Forspoken - Native 4K/Max Settings/No RT-6

NVIDIA RTX4090 cannot run Forspoken with constant 60fps at Native 4K/Max Settings/No Ray Tracing