SPINTIRES Gets Launch Trailer

IMGN.PRO and Oovee Games Studio released today the launch trailer for SPINTIRES, showing different vehicles, that are going to be available in the final release of the game, as well as new gameplay. SPINTIRES is described as an advanced off-road transport simulation that comes with an amazing terrain deformation system.

Models featured in SPINTIRES are split into 5 different categories:

  • A class – light off-road scout vehicles
  • B class – light cargo vehicles
  • C class – off-road cargo vehicles, 6×6 drive
  • D class – heavy off-road cargo/rescue vehicles, 8×8 drive
  • E class – super heavy off-road rescue vehicles, 8×8 drive

In SPINTIRES, players will have the opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel of different Soviet vehicles, completing missions focused around the delivery of a log cargo, to the point of their destination. The game will take place in a scenery of a typical Russian wilderness from late 80’s .

SPINTIRES releases on June 13th.


SPINTIRES Official Release Trailer 2014