Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms – Developer Diary #2

bitComposer and Games Farm released today the second part of the developer diaries for its upcoming action RPG, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms. The second part of the developer diary contains an interview with Chris Bateman, author of the Heretic Kingdoms universe. In the second travelogue, Tom Baker, former Doctor Who actor, presents another region from Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms: the Broken Spear Pass.

Here are the key features of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms:

-Switch between the shadow world and human world
-Considerable freedom of choice affects the game’s course
-Dynamic day-and-night cycle, and highly detailed location designs
-Gripping story set in a world of myths, destinies, and fabled creatures
-Unique party system


Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms - Developer Diary 2 - Introduction


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