Netflix’s The Witcher official teaser trailer released

The first official trailer for The Witcher TV series is finally here. Now we can take a quick look of what we can expect from the first season of the show.

The trailer shows major characters like Geralt, Yen and Ciri. We can also see some locations and a bit of magic but most importantly monsters. The one in the end looked like an endrega or an arachas or a kikimore, I don’t know, so many cool monsters in this universe. What I do know is that Geralt looks frigging awesome in that scene, with that veiny face and black eyes, probably due to intoxication (I still prefer the game look).

To be frank, I was expecting it to be worse so I am quite pleased. Of course there are several things I did not like and some others I did not understand. Like what the hell is going on with Yennefer? I have only just started the third book, so I have no clue what is going on there. I think I did recognize princess Pavetta in her birthday celebration where queen Calanthe invites Geralt, but I am not sure.

Honestly, I’ll watch the crap out this show no matter what, because I adore the games and the books. I doubt it will be as good as any of those mentioned, but I hope for the best. CDPR is worth now billions so maybe if the Netflix show fails, they could make a proper TV series someday. So far it doesn’t look bad and Henry Cavill looks great as Geralt… okay he is way too buffed but he is still great.

The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

There is still no official release date.