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Intel confirms the design phase is already underway for its upcoming XE-HP discrete consumer-grade GPUs

Written by Metal Messiah

INTEL has been recently tweeting about its upcoming XE-HP MCM GPU on its official twitter account.

Intel tweeted a series of pictures yesterday with “Jim Keller”, “Raja Koduri” and a mysterious looking MCM-based processor. Intel calls this ‘Father Of All’ GPUs, and according to Raja Koduri  this ‘Father Of All’ GPUs has already got a successor.

Raja Koduri posted another Tweet in which he says that the design phase of a successor consumer GPU is also in the works . This confirms the existence of Intel’s plans to go for  a multi-layered approach for building MCM GPUs, and this could also mean that the GPU die pictured yesterday likely was NOT “Ponte Vecchio“, but a consumer-grade variant instead.

It cannot be the “Ponte Vecchio” graphics processor since this would rely on the XE-HPC architecture. The XE-HP GPU which has been teased could be a design made for media transcoding, workstation and possibly even for “Gaming” (though, don’t get your hopes high yet).

It could also appear that INTEL might be releasing a competitor to the NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon PRO series of GPUs. Raja Koduri has then re-tweeted with a note ‘’Baahubali of All’, which according to Wccftech’s Usman Pirzada means “one who has strength in this arms“, if used as a noun.

In simple terms what this means is that new consumer XE-HP gpus are already in the design phase, and these are going to succeed the recently leaked ‘Father of all” GPUs from Intel.  INTEL needs to be very competitive if they want to get a larger share of the pie in the GPU consumer market segment.

It would be really interesting to see whether Intel can really catch up with Nvidia and AMD with its XE-based GPUs. Having a third GPU competitor is good for the consumer market. The pricing of these GPUs will be also be a huge deciding factor.

Can INTEL really compete with AMD and NVIDIA ? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


It looks like this is NOT a gaming GPU by any means. Raja has stated that these are data center GPUs. What a bummer!