Konami is reportedly working on two new Silent Hill titles

There was rumor a week back about Konami developing two new Silent Hill games. Now according to Eurogamer, Konami commented saying they couldn’t share anything yet but they are listening to customer feedback and thinking of ways to provide the next game.

The last Silent Hill game was Silent Hills and it was in development by Hideo Kojima. They released a playable teaser for the game and it was superb. Unfortunately the game never saw the light of day. Instead of Silent Hills, we are getting Death Stranding, which it will be released later this year.

So according to the rumor Konami reached out to various developers for ideas about a soft-reboot of the franchise and an episodic Telltale style game to go alongside with the main title. Honestly, as long it is not another Metal Gear Survive, then count me in.

The original Silent Hill was one of the scariest games I ever played in my young age. The rest of the games were mostly pretty good. P.T. was hellishly scary but very different from all the others.

It’s been a while since Konami announced anything really and reviving the Silent Hill franchise might be the right way to start. Still, nothing is officially confirmed yet but if anything changes we will make sure to let you know.

Below you can read the original tweet:

Thanks RelyOnHorror and Eurogamer.

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