Intel’s Core i9-7980XE Flagship 18-Core CPU Leaked Benchmarks

Not to long ago I found some leaked benchmarks for Intel’s i3-8350K and now I have stumbled across yet another set of benchmarks for Intel’s flagship CPU, the i9-7980XE.

The leaked benchmarks were found on a Korean Bulletin board and shows benchmarks in not only 3Dmarks FireStrike Physics score for the i9-7980XE but also scores for it’s younger brother the Core i9-7920X.

Below we can see that the user of this test acquired all-core clock speed of 4.8GHz while also keeping his temperatures below 90c. According to WCCFtech this setup was running water-cooling (unknown whether it is closed loop) and also on the ASUS Rampage VI APEX X299 motherboard.

Here are the screenshots:

The user of this CPU has scored 37,485 on FireStrike with all 18 cores running at 4.8Ghz. A stock 7900X (10 cores) is expected to score around the 10,000 mark so this means that the i9-7980XE is provided amazing performance and superb overclocking ability.

Alright, now is the CPU worth it for gamers and should we all go out and buy one? Perhaps not, unless you want to completely overkill your PC and your wallet in the process. Priced at $1999 MSRP you will get the new Skylake-X architecture and be paying $111 per core. Judging by the benchmark scores there is no game that will bring this CPU to it’s knees but if you are a content creator and do a lot of rendering or video processing this CPU might be the one for you, if you can afford that hefty $1999 that is. The 18 Core and 36 Thread beast can also overclock up to 4.5Ghz while both of the CPU’s ( i9-7920X /  i9-7980XE  have unknown base clock rates at this point.

The i9-7920X is priced at $1189 which means you are paying $99 a core and also features Skylake-X architecture. This CPU is much more affordable and is still offering a massive increase in performance, clocking at a max of 4.5Ghz when overclocked same as above models.

Source: WCCFtech