i3-8350K Quad Core Coffee Lake Leaked CPU Performance

The first detailed benchmarks for Intel’s Core i3-8350K Coffee Lake processor has just leaked out.

Above we can see the first benchmark done in CPU-z where the core i3-8350K has scored 503.3 in the single threaded benchmark and in the multi-thread has scored 1982.0 points. What is very cool here is that from these scores we can see that the Core i3-8350K is much faster than the Intel Core i7-7700K which only pulls 492 points at a higher clock speed of 4.2GHz and a boost of 4.5GHz, while the i3-8350K is clocked at 4.0GHz.

Moving onto the i7-6700K, this chip is clocked at 4.0GHz with 4C/8T and has a single thread score of 474 accompanied by a multithread score of 2377. These tests do really show off the i3-8350K making it a very good mid tier consumer price CPU, especially since i7 is much more expensive.

Now we have many tests from AIDA64, I’m not very familiar with this program but I will do my best to try and decipher what I can for you.

The chip itself was tested on a Z370 motherboard and from the benchmarks above we can see that a lead in CPU and RAM (DDR4) performance from the Core i3-8350K when comparing to the i7-6700K.

Overall, this is awesome for Intel’s upcoming 8th generation of processors; they seem to be making them much more efficient and also hitting the consumer market a lot more.

Source: WCCFtech