Goldeneye 007 Nintendo 64 feature

Goldeneye: Source – New Update Adds Three Additional Maps

The team behind GoldenEye: Source – a total conversion modification of Half-Life 2 that was created by fans and was released for free – got a new update that added three additional maps to it.

According to the team, the two maps (Train and Archives Classic) are faithful recreations of classic GE007 maps, while the other one (Fortblock) is a welcome departure from the GoldenEye genre.

Train – created by CY – is a map that ‘orientates itself towards the N64 classic layout as close as possible in order to capture the original feeling,’ and packs some new high-res-textures and bot support for multiplayer experience.


On the other hand, Archives Classic – that will be featured in all future updates for GoldenEye: Source – is described as a ‘faithful recreation of its N64 counterpart, from its scale and lighting to its high-res texture work.

Last but not least, Blockfort is a map that  started as a joke attempt to create the original blockfort from Mario Kart, and quickly turned into a ‘decently balanced, albeit silly multiplayer map.’

Those interested can download this Community Map Pack for GoldenEye: Source from here.