CRYENGINE-powered “SNOW” Now Available Via Steam’s Early Access Program


Poppermost Productions today announced the launch of SNOW, the first truly authentic winter sports game, on Steam Early Access. This game is created by a 3-man team, and promises to offer the most realistic skiing experience ever. The team has also released a new trailer for it that can be viewed below.

Alexander Bergendahl, CEO and Game Director at Poppermost Productions, said:

“With SNOW we wanted to provide players and winter sports enthusiasts with an authentic experience. Skiing is all about freedom, creativity and exploration, and SNOW delivers exactly that! We’ve removed all of the restrictions and clutter that we traditionally see in action sports games and with SNOW; allow players to approach the game the way they want.”

SNOW’s first mountain, Sialia, is a massive 8km2 of open-world, mountain terrain that has been entirely hand-crafted by the studio. Sialia is an ideal playground to explore and compete in thanks to its epic lines, massive cliffs and carefully designed terrain parks. Players can freely explore this vast and varied terrain or attempt to prove themselves by setting high scores on SNOW’s leaderboards.

Poppermost has collaborated closely with freeskiing icons Tanner Hall, Tom Wallisch, and Russ Henshaw to ensure that the authenticity of the sport was fully recreated in every aspect of the game.

Russ Henshaw, Gold Medalist at the 2012 Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Competition, added:

“I am really excited to be part of building the first realistic ski game. From what I have seen already it’s the only game built by skiers for skiers!”

SNOW also offers a deep character customization system where players can equip their rider’s eleven different body areas with over 140 products from real life brands. Poppermost has also partnered with over a dozen of the biggest brands in winter sports to offer players the most popular products available from the most recent season. The team will update the contents of the catalogue continuously.

Alexander Bergendahl concluded:

“CryENGINE was a natural choice for us. We wanted to deliver a game with stunning visuals that would support our vision of an open-world. Crytek’s game technology is extremely powerful and really helps us create the world of our dreams.”


SNOW - Early Access Release Trailer