Assassins Creed: Origins Ancient Egypt Trailer

Ubisoft has released brand new trailers for their newest instalment into the Assassins Creed franchise, this game players will be exploring the open world of Egypt.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Cinematic Trailer

Above you can find the CGI trailer which Ubisoft has released and no doubt just like every other CGI trailer produced by Ubisoft it’s not disapointing to watch at all. This game players will be exploring Ancient Egypt and at the time of this game Cleopatra seems to be in rule.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Game of Power Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

This Assassins Creed is to be set in one of the most interesting parts of ancient history so we actually might see a rebirth of the franchise here. It is very hard to tell if this game will be another flop or not due to the fact that Ubisoft and the developers of these trailers do such a good job, but maybe this one might be different. Maybe Ubisoft will be concentrating on a very well orientated story that is not only rich with history about the location players will be experiencing, but also includes a large range of unique aspects that only a game based in Ancient Egypt can offer us.

I personally loved the Assassin Creed franchise but the games died for me after the second one, I felt as if they made a strange turn and it just didn’t click for me. Hopefully the new setting of Ancient Egypt can provide Ubisoft with an opportunity to present another one of the “wow” moments that I ever so remember in AC 1 and 2.

Source: Tweak Town