Titanfall Has Multi-GPU Issues, Respawn Will Fix Them In An Upcoming Patch, Temp Workaround Found

Titanfall has just been released and it seems there are major issues with the PC version and multi-GPU systems. According to the company, the game does not support multiple GPUs and this issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Still, those with more than one GPU can go ahead and take a look at a temp workaround below.

Before continuing, do note that this is a temp workaround and you may experience some side-effects. Moreover, SLI scaling may not be ideal via this method, though it’s better that than running the game in single GPU mode (especially if you own a relatively old SLI system).

In order to enable SLI, follow this guide:

1. Add bioshock infinite dx11 SLI bits to Titanfall or add Titanfall’s executable file to bioshock infinite’s profile (via Nvidia Inspector Tool).
2. Enable ambient occlusion and change it to ‘performance’ mode. Don’t change any other AO settings, otherwise there will be graphical corruptions the moment you enable SLI)
3. Changed SLI settings to AFR2

By doing this, SLI should be working now. Do note that SLI scaling will not be ideal until both Nvidia and Respawn address the game’s multi-GPU issues.