The most promising Skyrim mod ever; Morrowind is coming to Skyrim’s game engine with Skywind

Have you ever wondered what Morrowind would look like on Skyrim’s updated game engine? Well, time to find out. Modder ‘eloth’ is working on a very promising mod for Skyrim that will bring Bethesda’s old Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind, to it. The modder has been hard at work converting the game’s assets, such as exterior lamps/lights, banners, signs (all of them are animated), as well as exterior animated activators(lava sparks, geysirs, chimney smoke, etc. Although the modder has not revealed any ETA yet, he has released some screenshots and 32 of them can be viewed below. Make sure to view them because eloth has put a lot of effort on this project. And believe us when we say this – Skywind is perhaps the most promising mod for Skyrim. Enjoy!