Rumour: AMD Fiji Models Revealed – Will Come With Both 4GB & 8GB, Cheapest Model At $599

There is no doubt that NVIDIA’s GTX 980Ti is an amazing card. Priced at $649, the NVIDIA GTX980 Ti is a great GPU, however most gamers are looking forward to AMD’s new Fiji cards. And according to this latest leak, the cheapest model of AMD’s Fiji cards will be priced lower than the GTX 980Ti.

Before continuing, here are the rumoured prices for AMD’s Fiji cards:

-R9 380 4gb $199
-R9 390 8gb $299
-R9 390x 8gb $399
-Fiji pro 4gb hbm $599
-Fiji xt 4gb hbm $749
-Fiji xt /xtx 8gb hbm $849
-Fiji vr 2x8gb hbm $1399-$1499

As we can see, the cheapest model will be priced at $599 and will pack 4GB of HBM VRAM. In short, AMD’s first Fiji offer is $50 cheaper than NVIDIA’s GTX980 Ti reference model. However, we should also note that it comes with 4GB, whereas GTX980 Ti comes with 6GB.

Despite some rumours suggesting that AMD’s Fiji would be coming with only 4GB of VRAM, this latest leak suggests that there will be two 8GB models (a single-GPU and a dual-GPU).

It will be interesting to see whether AMD’s cheapest model will be able to compete with NVIDIA’s GTX 980Ti.

AMD will officially unveil its new graphics cards at this year’s PC Gaming E3 Conference, so stay tuned for more!