Rumor Alert – GTA V To Be Announced For The PC On December 24th, Releases March 12th

Grand Theft Auto V v4

Let me be crystal clear on this – take everything you are about to read with a grain of salt. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, so don’t get excited… yet. According to Amazon’s support, the rumored PC version of GTA V will be announced on December 24th. Not only that, but there is also a release date. As Amazon stated, the game will be coming on March 12th.


Here is the translated message:

“Welcome to Amazon Chat. My name is Fatima […]. According to our informations, GTA V PC will be announced on 12/24 and according to our source, it will be released in the USA on 03/12 and here on 03/14.”

This could be legit. After all, Amazon has leaked various PC releases before. Let’s not forget that the PC versions for both Mortal Kombat and Injustice were leaked by Amazon long before their official announcement. So yes, this may be legit.

On the other hand, this could also be a prank with a nicely photoshopped image from Amazon’s support. You all know what happened with that Fallout 4 rumor, right? Which is precisely why we’ve labeled it as a rumor.

So, two more days until we find out whether this leaked information is legit or not.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more.

Kudos to Reddit for spotting it!