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Nvidia’s Next Driver Will Bring Massive Performance Improvements In CPU Heavy Games

It seems that Nvidia  has been working on a truly amazing new driver for its graphics cards. Even though MS has just announced DX12 – a new API that promises to offer better performance on CPU heavy titles – the green team is developing a new driver that will lessen the CPU overhead on a variety of DX11 titles.

According to the graphs that Nvidia has released, its new driver – that is planned for release in a couple of weeks – will offer performance similar to AMD’s Mantle in both Star Swarm and THIEF. It’s pretty amazing what Nvidia is doing with its driver skills, and we cannot wait to see whether the green team’s changes will affect other CPU bound titles.

As we can see, with this new driver Nvidia’s flagship – GeForce GTX 780Ti – will be able to compete against AMD’s 290X. The interesting thing here is that Nvidia’s card will rival AMD’s card with the latter running via AMD’s latest API, Mantle.

Given the fact that Nvidia has only provided two scenarios, one has to wonder whether the green team has included ‘global’ tweaks that will improve performance on all CPU-heavy games or ‘specific’ tweaks for THIEF and Star Swarm.

Stay tuned for more!