NVIDIA Titan XP runs Project CARS 2 with more than 80fps on Ultra settings in 4K, new beautiful screenshots

Slightly Mad Studios has lifted the NDA for Project CARS 2, meaning that WMD2 member can now share their opinions, screenshots and videos from the game’s latest build. As such, NeoGAF‘s members ‘TheAdmiester’ and ‘Rayge’ have shared some really beautiful screenshots from it.

Rayge has also revealed how the game’s performs on his PC system (Intel  i7 6850K with an NVIDIA Titan XP graphics card). According to Rayge, Project CARS 2 runs with 120fps in 4K on Ultra settings when there are 8 cars on the track. On more demanding scenarios – like for example rain at night – the game runs with 80-90fps in 4K on Ultra settings.

From the above, it’s quite obvious that Project CARS 2 is way better optimized than its predecessor, despite the fact that it is more detailed and beautiful.

Project CARS 2 is currently planned for a September 22nd release.


Project CARS 2 @ Circuit of the Americas National (4K@60FPS)