New details for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition; 2D graphics, mod friendly, incoming first screenshots

As we told you a couple of hours ago, Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 will get an Enhanced Edition that will be released this Summer. Naturally, PC fans of those two games had a lot of questions and Trent Oster decided to answer most of them. So, we know for a fact now that this will come to the PC. Contrary to the previous iOS/Android rumors, there is currently only the PC version confirmed that will be unleashed this Summer. Moreover, the Enhanced Editions will be 2D games and not 3D remakes. Beamdog will use our GPUs mainly for acceleration purposes, but hope that they’ll implement some good tricks to slightly improve the graphics.
Oster has also revealed that both of these Enhanced Editions will be based on the 2nd Edition D&D, as part of the appeal of BG was the depth of the rules system. The interface of the game though will be tweaked and improved. The company will use new voice overs for new characters, however the voice over will be similar to the old games, meaning that only some of the content will be voiced.
Furthermore, Beamdog is trying to create these Enhanced Editions as mod friendly as they can. Oster said that they take mods seriously and that both current and future mods are important to them. More announcements about the mod support will be made at a later date.
Last but not least, Oster said that they’ll be releasing the first screenshots of it really soon. Perhaps sooner than you possibly think, as Oster hinted that the first screenshot could hit the net next week:
“We’ll be rolling screens out in the future.  Same place, Same time next week.  Hopefully less server fires.”
So stay tuned for more!