Hilarious – PC owners of Black Ops 2 are getting a Mass Effect 2 disc read error

Okay, this is awesome. Black Ops 2 has been released and a number of PC owners are reporting an unexpected disc read error with the second DVD disc of Treyarch’s FPS title. It appears that some discs have been labeled as Mass Effect 2 discs, which sounds really weird. At first, we thought this was a bad joke as it’s well known that you can use two DVD-drives to fool people. However, we’ve been getting one hell of reports (on both Activision‘s and Steam‘s forums) about this exact thing, meaning that there might be something wrong with the retail PC version of Black Ops 2.
According to the reports, PC gamers who encounter this ‘disc read error’ issue cannot install the game at all. One solution for this problem is to use the CD-key to unlock the game via Valve’s distribution service, Steam, and download it through it. This method works 100%, so be sure to use it if you’re experiencing this awkward issue.
The funny thing here is that Mass Effect 2 is published by EA, whereas Black Ops 2 is published by Activision. One theory suggests that EA and Activision may be sharing the same CD manufacturing plants, and thus the plant might have put on the wrong disc image on the second DVD disc of Black Ops 2.
Still, this issue is hilarious (well, it is as there is a workaround for it, otherwise it would be a pain in the a$$), and you can view a video that shows this disc read error in full effect below.
Let’s hope that Activision will address it as soon as possible!