Halo Fans Launch A Petition For Halo 3 PC

Halo v2
It’s really fascinating watching Halo 3 PC going back and forth. Will it hit the PC or not? Bungie’s game appeared in Steam’s registry a while back, and a lot of PC gamers got excited. Microsoft was quick to react and stated that they had no plans for a PC port of Halo 3. PC gamers got disappointed. Then, Halo 3 was spotted in AMD’s GPU drivers. PC gamers were – once again – excited for a possible announcement. Microsoft remained silent. PC gamers got disappointed once again.
Therefore, Halo fans decided to launch a petition in order to show MS that they are interested in a PC version of it. Naturally, this petition won’t be able to convince MS to port its X360 flagship to our platform, but as they say… there is still hope.
Halo 3’s Steam registry was last edited four months ago. In other words, there is nothing new to report about it. However, it remains a mystery why AMD included a Halo 3 profile in its drivers.
We are pretty sure that this petition will go unnoticed. After all, did EA bother with the petition for the removal of the always-online DRM from SimCity? Of course and they didn’t. Okay, they kept advertising their game as an MMO (which is not mind you) but that’s irrelevant as there have been a large number of petitions for countless things, so unless this one takes off, nothing will really change.
Still, we are certain that some of our readers will be interested in it. If you are one of them, you can sign it up here.

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