Final Fantasy VIII Steam Achievements Spotted, Magazine Famitsu Confirms PC Re-Release

Final Fantasy 8
Despite the fact that Final Fantasy VII PC has been around for ages, Square Enix decided to release – a couple of months ago – a remastered version of it with some game boosters, achievements and proper compatibility for the latest operating systems. Disappointingly enough, this remastered version did not feature improved visuals, however it seems that yet another FF classic title will receive this very same treatment.
Back in March, Final Fantasy VIII’s Steam Achievements were leaked. A lot of gamers got a bit confused as the remastered version Final Fantasy VII has not appeared on Valve’s distribution service yet (despite an Eula that was recently spotted). Is there a chance for a Steam release of those re-imagined classics?
Well, even though we are not certain about a Steam release at this moment, magazine Famitsu has confirmed that Final Fantasy VIII will receive a re-release. According to the magazine, this remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII will have game boosters similar to those found in FF VIII Remastered, as well as Achievements.
Unfortunately, Famitsu has not revealed any ETA.
Special thanks to our reader ‘Zen Sneijder’ for informing us!