Dying Light feature 2

Dying Light’s Producer: “I laugh at those who kept predicting PC gaming to be dead by now”

Our friends over at the Italian PC gaming website PC-Gaming.it have shared with us an interesting interview with Dying Light’s producer about this upcoming next-gen survival horror title. According to Dying Light’s producer, the PC version will be the definitive version of the game as ‘no other machine is as mighty a beast as a high-end PC.

What’s interesting, though, is his thoughts about the state of PC gaming. When asked about the PC gaming scene, Dying Light’s producer said that he just laughs at those who ‘for many years kept predicting it to be dead by now.’

“I smile with joy when I see its rapid development in recent years. And I laugh at those who for many years kept predicting it to be dead by know. The PC gaming has shed the majority of issues that plagued it for long time, its grow is extremely exciting, and the indie scene is the source of the most interesting ideas and concepts in gaming at the moment. What’s not to like, huh?!?!”

Interesting thoughts, though we kind of wonder why the Dead Island is still plagued with major issues that have not been resolved as of yet (yes, the ‘stuttering camera mouse movement’ is one of them). And will Dying Light suffer from the same issues as its predecessors?

Dying Light has been delayed to February 2015, so hopefully Techland will have more time to further polish all versions.

Enjoy (thanks John – who thanks ‘wdwzkey’ – for the heads up) and stay tuned for more!