Dark Souls 2 PC May Not Be Plagued By GFWL, GFWL Logo Absent From Official Website

Dark Souls 2 v2
Dark Souls fans, we’ve got some news that may make you jump around like little bunnies. Dark Souls 2’s official website has been updated and it seems that the PC version won’t suffer from the atrocity called GFWL. Yeap, this may come as a pleasant surprise, however GFWL’s logo is absent from the official website, suggesting that FromSoftware won’t be using Microsoft’s DRM/Online system.
FromSoftware has not commented on Dark Souls 2 PC’s DRM yet, and we don’t know whether this port will be better than its predecessor. We also don’t know whether Namco decides to let another development studio handle the PC version or not.
The first Dark Souls game was criticized about that particular online service. A lot of gamers and publications (yes, we were among them too) bashed FromSoftware, as they/we were specifically asking for a non-GFWL version of that title.
If the absence of GFWL’s logo is anything to go by, then FromSoftware and Namco have finally listened to their PC fans.
Dark Souls 2 is planned for release simultaneously on X360, PS3 and PC this year!