Crysis 3 will be a spiritual successor to Crysis 1, will look better on PC, will support all kinds of AA methods

While we are waiting for the first proper gameplay trailer of Crysis 3, both Crytek’s CEO and the Principal R&D Graphics Programmer at Crytek have decided to share some new information about it. First and foremost, Crysis 3 is said to be a spiritual successor in gameplay to Crysis 1 instead of Crysis 2. This is actually good, as there is a promise for more open-ended environments. After all, Crysis was all about freedom and the ability to go wherever you wished. So yeah, this sounds promising, although Cevat has always a way to bend the truth.
Moreover, Cevat admitted that Crysis 3 would look better on the PC. Well, that was a given, right? We expect to see higher resolution textures, as well as DX11 features from the start. Crytek has been advertising all those DX11 features so we can expect Crysis 3 to look great and take advantage of the more advanced lighting system that was introduced with its latest SDK version.
On the other hand, Tiago Sousa has revealed that the PC version will support all kinds of Anti-Aliasing methods. As Tiago said, PC will have Crytek’s new ‘SMAA with all modes (T2x on consoles )+ Nvidia new TXAA + all MSAA modes +something new‘.
Sousa has also revealed that Crytek is looking into more DX11 features:
“Extra new AA mode in research. About new DX11 tech, we have a lot going on, but can’t speak about it yet.”
This sounds really promising, as the PC version won’t be an afterthought this time around.
Last but not least, Tiago said that the available AA quality modes, for the PC, will be 1x,t2x,2x,4x. According to Tiago, the T2X method uses reprojection+ weighting, and as a result of that, there won’t be any “ghosting” at 30hz. PC version will also support a combo of 2x,4x with MSAA.
Crytek will release the first gameplay trailer of Crysis 3 on April 24th. Until then, you can enjoy the following video that showcases the different AA methods.