Cliff Bleszinski on Watch Dogs’ Visuals; Next-Gen Version Downgraded Due To Old-Gen Version

Watch Dogs’ visuals seems to be a really hot topic in which Cliff Bleszinski decided to publicly pick a side. According to Bleszinski, the next-gen version of Watch Dogs was downgraded due to the fact that the game is shipping on last-gen consoles too.

“I’d wager that the reason Watch Dogs’ graphics have been downgraded on the high end is due to the fact that it’s shipping on last gen also” said Bleszinski and continued.

“Biggest enemy to next gen consoles is publishers hanging onto the last gen. I’ve said it before, it’s limiting the capabilities of next gen.”

Bleszinski also claimed that mitigation of that risk is then what causes people to not get the next gen consoles, as most publishers are like “Wait we want to be next gen…kinda…not really…maybe…oh and on the Wii U for some reason too”.

In an attempt to give a glimpse of those statements, Bleszinski said that foliage is a graphical feature that has fallen victim to the game’s multi-platform nature.

“Foliage, for example. Instead of some really detailed next gen stuff you still get “sheets” and the resolution is the only thing to change.”

It will be interesting to see whether Bleszinski’s upcoming unannounced title, a title that will be focused on the PC mind you, will be able to wow its audience. After all, you can’t really criticize others when your own product is not a great looker… can you?