MMO shooter Will to Live Online reduced in Steam Summer Sale

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Confronted by terrifying creatures, rabid mutants and desperate survivors, you and your party of wanderers must rely on your guts, your skills, your weapons and, more than anything, your Will to Live.

AlphaSoft Studio presents Will to Live Online, an exciting new MMORPG set within a decaying, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Whether alone or as part of a clan, you and your fellow survivors must fight for your life against the hostile terrain of a world driven beyond the brink of total chaos.

Battle mutated creatures in a large, hazardous, open-world environment. Partake in raids and challenge bosses deep within mines, bunkers and abandoned Metro stations. Choose from one of four different classes, before customising your character, armor and weaponry. Build camps and utilize your crafting skills and class traits to ensure that your party lives to see another dawn. Whether alone or with friends, you will have to work hard and smart to ensure you have the food, weapons, shelter and other resources needed to survive.

Though the world might be overrun with nightmarish monsters, Remember not to trust your fellow man. The Will to Live Online universe is populated by ruthless factions and clans, all fighting for the scant resources and territory that is available, and willing to rip everything you have built away from you. You must fight not only to protect your possessions, but for your very right to live.

Will to Live Online is now on Steam as an Early Access title. Currently available for a discounted price, as part of the Steam Summer Sale. With no monthly subscription requires, there’s no better time than now to dive straight into Will to Live Online’s intense, exciting and deadly world.

Will To Live Online - Early Access Trailer

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored article]